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The McLeans consist of Joe, Barbara, Deborah and Rhona. However, the extended family is enormous. One of these days, I'll develop an on-line family tree, skeletons included.

For those of you with a mathematical inclination, go to Joe's Mathematical Stuff.

Apologies for the site being unavailable for a while - I don't have a lot of spare time to keep things up-to-date.

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 Assorted useless information, e.g.

 British Postcodes

 US & Canadian sports franchises

 British Armed Forces Ranks

 anything else that takes my fancy

 Joe's History of Modern Fantasy

 An introduction to the Scottish Peerage and its close involvement in Scottish History

††††††††† Very much a work in progress, and it will be subject to continual extension and revision

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 Brother Chris has created a very fancy website with the accent on graphic design. Unfortunately itís offline just now but I have offered to house it for him

Joe's Mathematical Stuff

My mathematical interests vary widely, but most of them centre around the computer for number crunching. One or two strands of study are comprehensive enough to be presented here

  1. Equations involving sums of powers
  2. Numbers of the form k*2n +1
  3. All you ever wanted to know about primes
  4. Biographies of the Great Mathematicians & A Short History of Maths
  5. Interesting types of primes and probable primes
  6. Factorisation Tables