Earls of Airth (1633)


1st Earl of Airth, William Graham, b.1591, a.1633, d.1661


William Graham, 7th Earl of Menteith, was made a Privy Counsellor in 1626 and Lord President of the Court of Session from 1628 as well as being Lord Justice General. He was a favourite of Charles I and created 1st Earl of Strathearn in 1631. However, about this time questions arose as to the legitimacy of any children born to King Robert II and his first wife Elizabeth Mure, since they were not married at the time of their children’s births. The issue was later settled, but at the time Menteith made a nuisance of himself by bragging about being the legitimate heir of Robert II, and being in possession of the Strathearn title only reinforced his conceit. The patent to the earldom of Strathearn was therefore hastily withdrawn and replaced by the title of 1st Earl of Airth. Graham was later reconciled to his King and fought against the Covenanters.


2nd Earl of Airth, William Graham, b.?, a.1661, d.1693


Grandson of the 1st Earl and Agnes Gray, daughter of Patrick Gray, 6th Lord Gray, and son of John Graham, Lord Graham of Kinpont (b.c.1613, d.1644) and Mary Keith, daughter of William Keith, 5th Earl Marischal. The Lord Graham had fought for the King at the Battle of Tippermuir and had been murdered shortly afterwards by his close friend, James Stewart of Ardvorlich, supposedly after refusing to defect to the Covenanters and assassinate Montrose, since after the death, Stewart featured prominently for the Covenanters. The 2nd Earl, also 8th Earl of Menteith, had money problems and had to borrow from members of his family. He eventually sold most of his lands to his kinsman and Clan Chief, James Graham, 3rd Marquess of Montrose, with the remainder going to his nephew. On his death the earldom, and that of Menteith, became extinct or dormant.


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