Lords Dalzell (1628)


1st Lord Dalzell, Robert Dalzell, b.?, a.1628, d.1635-1636


The name of Dalzell comes from the Gaelic for ‘white meadow’, and derives from the lands of Dalzell in Lanarkshire. Thomas de Dalzell was a supporter of Robert the Bruce and his descendant Robert Dalzell was a supporter of Queen Mary and fought at the Battle of Langside. He married one Janet Hamilton, a daughter of Gavin Hamilton, Commendator of Kilwinning, and their son became 1st Lord Dalzell. Lord Dalzell obtained the lands of Carnwath from the Earl of Mar in 1634.


2nd Lord Dalzell, Robert Dalzell, b.b.1611, a.1635-1636, d.1654


Son of the 1st Lord and Margaret Crichton, daughter of Sir Robert Crichton of Cluny. He was made a Privy Counsellor in 1638 and made 1st Earl of Carnwath in 1639. In 1643 he was accused by the Scottish Convention of betraying them to the King and in 1645 was made forfeit. Rather than being executed, he was fined and stripped of all his titles and estates, which were transferred to his son. He later fought on the King’s side against the Parliamentarians at Naseby, the defeat for which he is sometimes unjustly blamed, and Worcester, at which he was taken prisoner. He died in the Tower of London several years later.


N.B. There is substantial disagreement between the various sources, some of which indicate that the 1st Lord Dalzell also became 1st Earl of Carnwath and that his son became the 2nd Earl, with numbering shifted to suit. Some sources actually merge the two Roberts into a single individual, but this is very unlikely.



Earls of Carnwath (1639)


1st Earl of Carnwath, Robert Dalzell, as above


2nd Earl of Carnwath, Gavin Dalzell, b.b.1627, a.1654, d.1673


Son of the 1st Earl and Christian Douglas, daughter of Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig. He fought for the King at Worcester, was taken prisoner and held for many years. He sold the estates of Carnwath, probably to raise money to pay off his father’s heavy fines.


3rd Earl of Carnwath, James Dalzell, b.1648, a.1674, d.1683


Son of the 2nd Earl and Margaret Carnegie (b.b.1622, d.?).


4th Earl of Carnwath, John Dalzell, b.a.1648, a.1683, d.1702


Younger brother of the 3rd Earl. He was a Captain in the Guards, and was later promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel. With his death, the principal line of the family ended.



Baronets Dalzell of Glenae (1666)


1st Baronet Dalzell, Robert Dalzell, b.b.1639, a.1666, d.1686


Grandson of the 1st Lord Dalzell and son of Sir John Dalzell (b.?, d.1669) and Agnes Nisbet. He was MP for Dumfries from 1665 to 1674 and also at later points.


2nd Baronet Dalzell, John Dalzell, b.?, a.1686, d.1689


Son of the 1st Baronet and Violet Riddell.


3rd Baronet Dalzell, Robert Dalzell, b.c.1687, a.1689, d.1737


Son of the 2nd Baronet and Harriet Murray, daughter of Sir William Murray, 1st Baronet Murray of Stanhope. He was educated at Cambridge and in 1702 he succeeded as 5th Earl of Carnwath.



Earls of Carnwath (1639, continued)


5th Earl of Carnwath, Robert Dalzell, b.c.1687, a.1702, d.1737


He fought at the Battle of Preston for the Jacobites and was taken prisoner, following which he was attainted and sentenced to death. This was later remitted.


6th Earl of Carnwath, Robert Alexander Dalzell, b.1768, a.1826, d.1839


Grandson of the 5th Earl and Margaret Vincent (b.1696, d.1758), and son of Robert Dalzell (b.c.1738, d.1788) and Elizabeth Acklom (b.?, d.1817). He succeeded to the earldom after having the title restored by Act of Parliament. He gained the rank of Lieutenant-General in 1830.


7th Earl of Carnwath, Thomas Henry Dalzell, b.1797, a.1839, d.1867


Son of the 6th Earl and Andulusia Browne (b.?, d.1833).


8th Earl of Carnwath, Henry Arthur Hew Dalzell, b.1858, a.1867, d.1873


Son of the 7th Earl and Isabella Eliza Wilmot (b.c.1820, d.1902). He died at age 14 of the measles.


9th Earl of Carnwath, Arthur Alexander Dalzell, b.1799, a.1873, d.1875


Younger brother of the 7th Earl. He inherited late in life after many years active service, latterly as Colonel of the 48th Foot Regiment. He gained the rank of General in 1873. He died unmarried.


10th Earl of Carnwath, Harry Burrard Dalzell, b.1804, a.1875, d.1887


Younger brother of the 9th Earl, he also inherited late in life, having spent most of his life in India. He had several children, although his sons died before him.


11th Earl of Carnwath, Robert Harris Dalzell, b.1847, a.1887, d.1910


Grandson of the 6th Earl and son of Colonel Robert Alexander Dalzell (b.1816, d.1878), the 6th Earl’s youngest son, and Sarah Bushby Harris (b.1831, d.1916). He reached the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the 1st Battalion, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders and was a Representative Peer from 1892 to 1910.


12th Earl of Carnwath, Ronald Arthur Dalzell, b.1883, a.1910, d.1931


Son of the 11th Earl and Emily Sulivan Hippisley (b.1853, d.1889). He reached the rank of Lieutenant in the Welsh Horse Yeomenry. He died without children.


13th Earl of Carnwath, Arthur Edward Dalzell, b.1851, a.1931, d.1941


Younger brother of the 11th Earl. A career soldier, he fought in the Boer War and the First World War, gaining the rank of Honorary Brigadier-General in 1917. He also received the Companion of the Bath in 1900. He was a Representative Peer from 1935 to 1941. When he died, his children having died before him and no available heir to be found, the earldom became dormant.


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