Earls of Dysart (1643)


1st Earl of Dysart, William Murray, b.?, a.1643, d.1653


William Murray was descended from a branch of the Murrays of Tullibardine. His uncle served as secretary to King Charles I and introduced him to Court, where he became the Kingís whipping boy. However, he was later rewarded when he became a Gentleman of the Bedchamber in 1626, and he also served as an MP for Fowey, and later for East Looe, in England. In 1643 he was created 1st Earl of Dysart (a town in Fife) and 1st Lord Huntingtower (in Perthshire). During the Interregnum, he was involved in negotiations with the exiled Charles II. His character appears to have been unpleasant, deceitful and temperamental by turns.


2nd Earl (Countess) of Dysart, Elizabeth Murray, b.?, a.1653, d.1698


Daughter of the 1st Earl and Catherine Bruce (b.?, d.1649). She succeeded to her fatherís titles under the laws of succession of the earldom, and was a favourite of Charles II. In 1651 she married Sir Lionel Tollemache (b.?, d.1669), 3rd Baronet Talmash of Helmingham in Suffolk, with whom she had several children. Shortly after his death, she resigned the peerage and obtained a regrant under altered terms to include her owns heirs, and failing this any heirs-general whatsoever (of her father). She later married John Maitland, 1st Duke of Lauderdale and so was for a time Duchess of Lauderdale. She had a very strong character, beautiful and vivacious, intelligent and ambitious, lavish and devious.


3rd Earl of Dysart, Lionel Tollemache, b.1648, a.1698, d.1727


Son of 2nd Earl (Countess) and her first husband as described above. He represented Suffolk as a Tory MP from 1698 to 1707. In 1702, at the accession of Queen Anne, he was offered an English barony, but declined, preferring to remain in the House of Commons. After the Act of Union he was no longer classed as a commoner and was required to vacate his seat.


4th Earl of Dysart, Lionel Tollemache, b.1708, a.1727, d.1770


Grandson of the 3rd Earl and Grace Wilbraham (b.?, d.1740), daughter of Sir Thomas Wilbraham, 3rd Baronet Wilbraham of Woodhey, Chester and Weston-under-Lizard in Staffordshire, and son of Lionel Tollemache, Lord Huntingtower (b.1682, d.1712) and Henrietta Cavendish (b.?, d.1717-1718), an illegitimate daughter of Sir William Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Devonshire. He was invested as a Knight of the Thistle in 1743.


5th Earl of Dysart, Lionel Tollemache, b.1734, a.1770, d.1799


Son of the 4th Earl and Lady Grace Carteret (b.?, d.1755), daughter of Sir John Carteret, 2nd Earl Granville. He married Charlotte Walpole (b.?, d.1759), a grand-daughter of Sir Robert Walpole, Prime Minister and 1st Earl of Oxford, but they had no children.


6th Earl of Dysart, Wilbraham Tollemache, b.1739, a.1799, d.1821


Younger brother of the 5th Earl.


7th Earl (Countess) of Dysart, Louisa Tollemache, b.1745, a.1821, d.1840


With both the previous holders having died without children, and no surviving male heir of the 4th Earl, the titles fell to the eldest daughter of that earl by the rights of succession.


8th Earl of Dysart, Lionel William John Tollemache, b.1794, a.1840, d.1878


Grandson of the 7th Countess and her husband John Manners (an illegitimate grandson of John Manners, 2nd Duke of Rutland), and son of William Talmash, Lord Huntingtower (b.1766, d.1833) (later also 1st Baronet Manners of Hainby Hall, Lincolnshire), and Catherine Rebecca Grey (b.?, d.1852), his father having been christened as William Manners, but having changed his surname back to Tollemache in 1821 when he became heir-apparent after his mother, the Countess.


9th Earl of Dysart, William John Manners Tollemache, b.1859, a.1878, d.1935


Grandson of the 8th Earl and his cousin Maria Elizabeth Toone (b.?, d.1869), and son of William Lionel Felix Tollemache, Lord Huntingtower (b.1820, d.1872) and his cousin Katharine Elizabeth Camila Burke (b.?, d.1896), daughter of Sir Joseph Burke, 11th Baronet Bourke of Glinsk, county Galway. He succeeded to the title also of 3rd Baronet Manners. He was Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland from 1881 to 1906. He died without children.


10th Earl (Countess) of Dysart, Wenefryde Agatha Scott, b.1889, a.1935, d.1975


When the previous earl died without heirs, the earldom devolved to the senior living female of the line, daughter of the 9th Earlís sister Agnes Mary Manner Tollemache (b.1855, d.1912) and her husband Charles Norman Lindsay Tollemache Scott (b.?, d.1938). The baronetcy, following different rules of succession, devolved to a distant Tollemache cousin.


11th Earl (Countess) of Dysart, Rosamund Agnes Greaves, b.1914, a.1975, d.2003


Daughter of the 10th Countess and Major Owain Edward Whitehead Greaves (b.b.1898, d.1941). She never married.


12th Earl (Countess) of Dysart, Katherine Greaves, b.1918, a.2003


Younger sister of the 11th Countess. She married Lieutenant-Colonel John Peter Grant of Rothiemurchus in Inverness-shire, and is also 11th Lady Huntingtower.



The courtesy title for the heir is Lord Huntingtower.