Earls of Newburgh (1660)


1st Earl of Newburgh, James Livingston, b.1622, a.1660, d.1670


Son of John Livingston, 1st Baronet Livingston of Kinnaird (b.?, d.1628). He was a Royalist and Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Charles I, and was created 1st Viscount of Newburgh in 1647. In 1654, he was exempted from Cromwellís Act of Grace and accompanied his King to the Hague. At the Restoration in 1660 he was created 1st Earl of Newburgh, 1st Viscount of Kinnaird and 1st Lord Levingston and was Captain of the Guards.


2nd Earl of Newburgh, Charles Livingston, b.?, a.1670, d.1694


Son of the 1st Earl and Anne Poole (b.b.1640, d.1692), daughter of Sir Henry Poole, Baronet Poole. The baronetcy and viscountcy became extinct at his death as they required actual male heirs.


3rd Earl (Countess) of Newburgh, Charlotte Maria Livingston, b.1694, a.1694, d.1755


Daughter of the 2nd Earl and Frances Brudenell (b.?, d.1735-1736), a grand-daughter of Sir Robert Brudenell, 2nd Earl of Cardigan.


4th Earl of Newburgh, James Bartholomew Radclyffe, b.1725, a.1755, d.1787


Son of the 3rd Countess and Charles Radclyffe (b.1693, d.1746), son of Edward Ratcliffe, 2nd Earl of Derwentwater and Mary Tudor (b.1673, d.1726), daughter of King Charles II. He also inherited the title of 6th Earl of Derwentwater.


5th Earl of Newburgh, Anthony James Radclyffe, b.1757, a.1787, d.1814


Son of the 4th Earl and Barbara Kemp (b.?, d.1797). He was also the 7th Earl of Derwentwater, but this title became extinct at his death.


6th Earl of Newburgh, Vincent Giustaniani, b.1762, a.1814, d.1826


With no immediate heirs, the closest person to the main line was Anne Clifford (b.?, d.1793), daughter of the 3rd Countess and her first husband Thomas Clifford (b.1687, d.1718-1719), son of Hugh Gifford, 2nd Baron Clifford of Chudleigh. She married John Joseph Mahony (b.1699, d.1757), son of Daniel OíMahony, Comte de Castile. Their daughter Cecilia Carlotta Francesca Anna Mahony (b.1740, d.1789) married Beneditto Giustaniani, 5th Prince Giustaniani, and their son became 6th Earl. His full name is Vincenzo Giuseppe Filippo Graziliano Giacopo Gasparo Baldassaro Melchior Domenico Giustaniani.


7th Earl (Countess) of Newburgh, Maria Giustaniani, b.1796, a.1826, d.1877


Daughter of the 6th Earl and Maria Nicoletta de Mondragone, daughter of Dominico Grillo de Mondragone, Duca di Mondragone. Her full name is Maria Cecilia Agatha Anna Josepha Laurentia Donata Melchiora Balthassara Gaspara Giustaniani. She also inherited her fatherís dukedom.


8th Earl of Newburgh, Sigismund Giustaniani-Bandini, b.1818, a.1877, d.1908


Son of the 7th Countess and Charles Bandini, 4th Marquis Bandini of Lanciano and Rustano. His full name is Sigismondo Niccolo Venanzio Gaetano Francisco Giustaniani-Bandini.


9th Earl of Newburgh, Carlo Giustaniani-Bandini, b.1862, a.1908, d.1941


Son of the 8th Earl and Maria Sofia Angelica Massani (b.1830, d.1898).


10th Earl (Countess) of Newburgh, Maria Sofia Giuseppina Giustaniani-Bandini, b.1889, a.1941, d.1977


Daughter of the 9th Earl and Donna Maria Lanza di Trabia (b.1866, d.1949). She married the Conte Manfredi Gravina de Ramacca, and by the rules of succession the earldom was transferred to the heir-male.


11th Earl of Newburgh, Giulio Cesare Taddeo Cosimo Rospigliosi, b.1907, a.1977, d.1986


The 9th Earlís sister Donna Elena Giustaniani-Bandini (b.1853, d.1950) married Camillo Francesco Maria Rospigliosi (b.1850, d.1915), younger son of Don Clemente Rospigliosi, 7th Principe Rospigliosi. Their son Giambattista Pio Sigismondo Francesco Rospigliosi (b.1877, d.1956) married Ethel Bronson (b.1870, d.1924) of New York. Their son became the 10th Principe Rospigliosi in 1959 on the death of his cousin and 11th Earl on the death of his fatherís cousin.


12th Earl of Newburgh, Filippo Giambattista Camillo Francesco Aldo Maria Rospigliosi, b.1942, a.1986


Son of the 11th Earl and Donna Giulia dei Duchi Visconti de Modrone (b.1913, d.1994). As well as being 12th Earl, he is also 11th Principe Rospigliosi in the nobility of the Holy Roman Empire, 14th Principe di Castiglione in the nobility of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, 11th Duca di Zagarolo in the nobility of the Papacy, and has many other lesser titles.


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