Baronets Primrose of Carrington (1651)


1st Baronet Primrose, Archibald Primrose, b.1616, a.1651, d.1679)


Sir Archibald Primrose of Dalmeny was a Lord of Session under the title of Lord Carrington. In 1651 he was created 1st Baronet Primrose of Carrington in Selkirkshire in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia.


2nd Baronet Primrose, William Primrose, b.1649, a.1679, d.1687


Son of the 1st Baronet and Elizabeth Keith, daughter of Sir James Keith of Benholm, himself a son of George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal.


3rd Baronet Primrose, James Primrose, b.c.1680, a.1687, d.1706


Son of the 2nd Baronet and Mary Scott. In 1703 he was created 1st Viscount of Primrose and 1st Lord Primrose and Castlefield.



Viscounts of Primrose (1703)


1st Viscount Primrose, James Primrose, b.c.1680, a.1703, d.1706


2nd Viscount Primrose, Archibald Primrose, b.?, a.1706, d.1716


Son of the 1st Viscount and Eleanor Campbell (b.?, d.1759), daughter of James Campbell, 2nd Earl of Loudoun.


3rd Viscount Primrose, Hugh Primrose, b.c.1703, a.1716, d.1741


Younger brother of the 2nd Viscount. When he died, his peerages became extinct but the baronetcy passed to his distant cousin, James Primrose, 2nd Earl of Rosebery.



Earls of Rosebery (1703)


1st Earl of Rosebery, Archibald Primrose, b.1664, a.1703, d.1723


Son of Sir Archibald Primrose, 1st Baronet Primrose of Carrington and his second wife Agnes Gray (b.1622, d.1669), daughter of Sir William Gray of Pittendrum. He followed in his fatherís footsteps as a politician and was a Commissioner to the Scottish Parliament from 1695. In 1700 he was created 1st Lord Primrose and Dalmeny and 1st Viscount of Rosebery, and in 1703 was created 1st Earl of Rosebery, 1st Lord Dalmeny and 1st Viscount of Inverkeithing. He was a Commissioner for the Union, and served as a Representative Peer until 1713.


2nd Earl of Rosebery, James Primrose, b.1691, a.1723, d.1765


Son of the 1st Earl and Dorothea Cressy. In 1741 he succeeded his cousin as 5th Baronet Primrose of Carrington.


3rd Earl of Rosebery, Neil Primrose, b.1729, a.1765, d.1814


Son of the 2nd Earl and Mary Campbell. He was a Representative Peer from 1768 to 1784.


4th Earl of Rosebery, Archibald John Primrose, b.1783, a.1814, d.1854


Son of the 3rd Earl and Mary Vincent (b.?, d.1823), daughter of Sir Francis Vincent, 7th Baronet Vincent of díAbernon. He was an MP, and served as Lord-Lieutenant of Linlithgowshire. In 1828 he was created 1st Baron Rosebery in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, giving him an automatic seat in the House of Lords. He was made a Privy Counsellor in 1831 and a Knight of the Thistle in 1840, and was a Fellow of the Royal Society.


5th Earl of Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, b.1847, a.1854, d.1929


Grandson of the 4th Earl and Harriett Bouverie (b.?, d.1834), a grand-daughter of William de Bouverie, 1st Earl of Radnor, and son of Archibald John Primrose, Lord Dalmeny (b.1809, d.1851) and Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina Stanhope (b.1819, d.1901), daughter of Philip Henry Stanhope, 4th Earl Stanhope. His father was a prominent politician, who had been an MP and served as First Lord of the Admiralty, though he died relatively young, leaving his son as heir to the earldom as Lord Dalmeny. Dalmeny was educated at Eton and Christ Church Oxford, and when he left education he went straight to the House of Lords. He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1894 to 1895, and in 1911 he was created 1st Baron Epsom of Hyde, 1st Viscount Mentmore of Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, and 1st Earl of Midlothian in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. His marriage to an heiress allowed him to breed horses, and he was winning owner at the Derby three times. He also patronised association football, especially in Scotland, and was Honorary President of the Scottish Football Association. The national team would sometimes play in primrose and pink rather than the normal dark blue in his honour.


6th Earl of Rosebery, Albert Edward Harry Mayer Archibald Primrose, b.1882, a.1929, d.1974


Son of the 5th Earl and Hannah de Rothschild (b.?, d.1890). Educated at Eton and Sandhurst, reaching the rank of Lieutenant in the Grenadier Guards, he was a keen cricketer and horseracer. He was a Liberal MP for Midlothian from 1906 to 1910, but then was not involved in politics until joining Winston Churchillís caretaker government in 1945 as Secretary of State for Scotland. He served during the First World War and was Lord-Lieutenant of Midlothian from 1929 to 1964.


7th Earl of Rosebery, Neil Archibald Primrose, b.1929, a.1974


Son of the 6th Earl and Eva Isabel Marion Bruce (b.1892, d.1987), daughter of Major Henry Campbell Bruce, 2nd Baron Aberdare of Duffryn. As well as being 7th Earl, he is also 7th Lord Primrose and Dalmeny, 7th Viscount of Rosebery, 7th Lord Dalmeny, 7th Viscount of Inverkeithing, 4th Baron Rosebery, 3rd Baron Epson of Hyde, 3rd Viscount Mentmore and 3rd Earl of Midlothian.



The courtesy title for the heir is Lord Dalmeny.


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