Earls of Melfort (1686)


1st Earl of Melfort, John Drummond, b.1650, a.1686, d.1715


Younger brother of James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth, and like him close to James VII. In 1685 he was created 1st Viscount of Melfort and 1st Lord Drummond of Gillestoun, and then in 1686 1st Earl of Melfort, 1st Viscount of Forth and 1st Lord Drummond of Riccartoun, Castlemains and Gilstoun. He fled with James to France after the Revolution and was created 1st Duke of Melfort in the Jacobite Peerage, a title recognised by Louis XIV, although all his Scottish titles were forfeited by attainder in 1695. His descendants continued to use all of the titles, and eventually obtained a reversal of attainder in 1853, so it is appropriate to continue the line.


2nd Earl of Melfort, John Drummond, b.1682, a.1715, d.1754


Son of the 1st Earl and Euphemia Wallace (b.b.1654, d.1743), daughter of Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigie, Lord Justice Clerk.


3rd Earl of Melfort, James Drummond, b.1708, a.1754, d.1766


Son of the 2nd Earl and Marie Gabrielle díAudibert (b.1675, d.1741), daughter of Jean díAudibert, Comte de Lussan, from whom he inherited that French title.


4th Earl of Melfort, James Lewis Drummond, b.1750, a.1766, d.1800


Son of the 3rd Earl and Marie de Berenger. In 1800 he succeeded as heir-male to the attainted earldom of Perth (nominally the 12th in the sequence) and the associated Jacobite titles.


5th Earl of Melfort, Charles Edward Drummond, b.1752, a.1800, d.1840


Younger brother of the 4th Earl.


6th Earl of Melfort, George Drummond, b.1807, a.1840, d.1902


Nephew of the 5th Earl, being the son of that manís younger brother Leon Maurice Drummond (b.1761, d.1826) and Marie Elizabeth Lucie de Longemarre (b.?, d.1824). In 1853 he obtained a reversal of attainder by Act of Parliament for all the pre-Revolution Perth and Melfort titles. However he died without a male heir and the earldom of Melfort became dormant or extinct, the Perth titles passed to the Viscounts of Strathallan, and the French title of Comte de Lussan passed to his only surviving daughter.



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