Lords Drummond (1488)


1st Lord Drummond, John Drummond, b.c.1438, a.1487-1488, d.c.1519


The Drummonds were a well established family from Stirlingshire, reputed to be descended from a younger son of the King of Hungary who accompanied Edgar Atheling to Scotland in 1068. They were great supporters of Robert Bruce, from whom they gained further estates near Crieff. Whether by design or not, they made an habit of intermarriage with the nobility. Sir John Drummond of Cargill and Stobhall (b.?, d.1428) held the post of Justiciar of Scotland and married Elizabeth Sinclair, daughter of Henry Sinclair, 1st Earl of Orkney. His descendant John Drummond, 1st Lord Drummond, was granted the lands of Drummond in Stirlingshire by James IV in 1489. He was imprisoned in Blackness Castle for striking another during a session of the Privy Council, and his estates forfeit, but he was soon restored due to the intercession of Parliament.


2nd Lord Drummond, David Drummond, b.1515-1517, a.c.1519, d.1571


Great-grandson of the 1st Lord and Lady Elizabeth Lindsay (b.?, d.a.1509), daughter of Sir Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford, grandson of William Drummond (b.?, d.1490) and Lady Isabel Campbell, daughter of Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll, and son of William Drummond (b.?, d.1518) and Lady Elizabeth Graham, daughter of William Graham, 1st Earl of Montrose. He obtained a reversal of the forfeiture of his great-grandfather, with the exception of some lands at Innerpeffrey that were handed by King James V to his grandfather’s brother John Drummond. Several of his daughters married earls.


3rd Lord Drummond, Patrick Drummond, b.1550, a.1571, d.c.1602


Son of the 2nd Lord and Lilias Ruthven, daughter of William Ruthven, 2nd Lord Ruthven (for whom see the earls of Gowrie). Several of his daughters also married nobles.


4th Lord Drummond, James Drummond, b.c.1580, a.c.1602, d.1611


Son of the 3rd Lord and Lady Elizabeth Lindsay (b.?, d.1585), daughter of David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford. He was created 1st Earl of Perth in 1604-1605 and 1st Lord Drummond of Stoball.



Earls of Perth (1604-1605)


1st Earl of Perth, James Drummond, as above


His only child, daughter Jean Drummond (b.1609, d.1637), married John Gordon, 14th Earl of Sutherland, and so the Perth title passed to his brother.


2nd Earl of Perth, John Drummond, b.c.1584, a.1611, d.1662


Younger brother of the 1st Earl. He was a supporter of Charles I and so was fined by Cromwell during the Act of Grace.


3rd Earl of Perth, James Drummond, b.c.1615, a.1662, d.1675


Son of the 2nd Earl and Jean Kerr, daughter of Sir Robert Kerr, 1st Earl of Roxburghe. A younger brother, William Drummond, inherited the earldom of Roxburghe and changed his surname to Kerr.


4th Earl of Perth, James Drummond, b.c.1649, a.1675, d.1716


Son of the 3rd Earl and Lady Anne Gordon (b.?, d.1656), daughter of George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly. He was made Lord Chancellor in 1684 and was a founding member of the Order of the Thistle. He was an obsequious man who, with his brother curried favour with James VII, even to the extent of switching religions. At the Revolution he was imprisoned at Stirling Castle for four years. After his release he left for the Continent to join James in exile, and was created 1st Duke of Perth in the Jacobite Peerage. The next few holders were considered dukes in France but were not considered to be members of the peerage during their lifetimes by the United Kingdom. However, when the attainder was lifted, they were technically re-instated as earls.


5th Earl of Perth, James Drummond, b.1673, a.1716, d.1720


Son of the 4th Earl and Lady Jean Douglas, daughter of William Douglas, 1st Marquess of Douglas (for whom see the earls of Angus). He took part in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.


6th Earl of Perth, James Drummond, b.1713, a.1720, d.1746


Son of the 5th Earl and Lady Jane Gordon (b.?, d.1773), daughter of George Gordon, 1st Duke of Gordon (for whom see the earls of Huntly). He took part in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, and commanded the left flank at the Battle of Culloden. He died on board ship travelling back to France.


7th Earl of Perth, John Drummond, b.1714, a.1746, d.1747


Younger brother of the 6th Earl, and also part of the Rebellion.


8th Earl of Perth, John Drummond, b.1679, a.1747, d.1757


Younger half-brother of the 5th Earl, being a son of the 4th Earl and his second wife Lilias Drummond (b.?, d.c.1685).


9th Earl of Perth, Edward Drummond, b.?, a.1757, d.1760


Half-brother of the 5th and 8th Earls, being a son of the 4th Earl and his third wife Lady Mary Gordon (b.?, d.1726), daughter of Lewis Gordon, 3rd Marquess of Huntly. When he died, there were no more male descendants of the 1st Duke & 4th Earl, and the line of inheritance passed to a descendant of the 4th Earl’s brother.


10th Earl of Perth, James Drummond, b.1707, a.1760, d.1781


Grandson of the 4th Earl’s brother John Drummond, 1st Earl of Melfort and his first wife Sophia Maitland (b.?, d.b.1680), and son of Robert Drummond (b.c.1675, d.1716) and Anne Inglis, daughter of Sir James Inglis, 2nd Baronet Inglis of Cramond.


11th Earl of Perth, James Drummond, b.1744, a.1781, d.1800


Son of the 10th Earl and Rachel Bruce (b.?, d.1769), daughter of Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Kincardine. In 1784, he obtained the forfeited estates of the Drummond under an Act of Parliament, and he was created 1st Lord Perth, Baron Drummond of Stobhall in the Peerage of Great Britain, although he did not manage to obtain the earldom during his lifetime. When he died, his estates passed to his daughter Sarah Clementina Drummond (b.?, d.1865) who married Peter Robert Drummond-Burrell, 21st Baron Willoughby of Eresby, and his British barony became extinct.


12th Earl of Perth, James Lewis Drummond, b.1750, a.1800, d.1800


James Lewis Drummond, titular 4th Duke and Earl of Melfort now staked his claim as heir-male, being a descendant of the 1st Earl of Melfort and his second wife.


13th Earl of Perth, Charles Edward Drummond, b.1752, a.1800, d.1840


Younger brother of the 12th Earl, and also titular 5th Duke and Earl of Melfort. He took his claim for the recovery of the lands and titles to the Court of Session but failed, not least as he was a Catholic priest.


14th Earl of Perth, George Drummond, b.1807, a.1840, d.1902


George Drummond, titular 6th Duke and Earl of Melfort, finally obtained a reversal of attainder by special Act of Parliament for both the Perth and Melfort titles and became 14th or 5th Earl of Perth (the former only if the attainted earls are included). However, he had no children, and so the Perth titles passed to William Drummond, 11th Viscount of Strathallan, whose descent is outlined below.



Lords Maderty (1607)


1st Lord Maderty, James Drummond, b.1551, a.1607, d.1623


Younger brother of the 3rd Lord Drummond.


2nd Lord Maderty, John Drummond, b.?, a.1623, d.1647


Son of the 1st Lord and Jean Chisholm of Cromlix.


3rd Lord Maderty, David Drummond, b.?, a.?, d.1684-1692


Son of the 2nd Lord and Margaret Leslie, daughter of Patrick Leslie, 1st Lord Lindores. On his death, the lordship transferred to his brother William Drummond, 1st Viscount Strathallan.



Viscounts Strathallan (1686)


1st Viscount Strathallan, William Drummond, b.1617, a.1686, d.1688


Younger son of the 2nd Lord Maderty. In 1686 he was created 1st Viscount Strathallan and 1st Lord Drummond of Cromlix.


2nd Viscount Strathallan, William Drummond, b.1670, a.1688, d.1702


Son of the 1st Viscount and Elizabeth Johnston, daughter of Sir Archibald Johnston of Warriston.


3rd Viscount Strathallan, William Drummond, b.1694, a.1702, d.1711


Son of the 2nd Viscount and Elizabeth Drummond, daughter of John Drummond, 1st Earl of Melfort. He died without any children.


4th Viscount Strathallan, William Drummond, b.?, a.1711, d.1746


Sir James Drummond, younger brother of the 2nd Lord Maderty, married Catherine Hamilton, daughter of Sir John Hamilton of Lettrick. Their son, also Sir James Drummond (b.?, d.1675), married Anna Hay, a grand-daughter of Andrew Hay, 8th Earl of Erroll. Their son, Sir John Drummond (b.?, d.1707) married Margaret Stewart, daughter of Sir William Stewart of Innerytie. Their son became the 4th Viscount Strathallan. He took part in the Jacobite Rising of 1715, and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Sheriffmuir, though released without prosecution in 1717. In the 1745 Rebellion, he commanded the Jacobite cavalry, and died at the Battle of Culloden.


5th Viscount Strathallan, James Drummond, b.1722, a.1746, d.1765


Son of the 4th Viscount and Margaret Nairne Murray, daughter of William Murray, 2nd Lord Nairne. He was attainted for aiding his father during the Rebellion.


6th Viscount Strathallan, James Drummond, b.1752, a.1765, d.1775


Son of the 4th Viscount and Euphemia Gordon (b.?, d.1796), daughter of Peter Gordon of Abergeldie.


7th Viscount Strathallan, Andrew John Drummond, b.1758, a.1775, d.1814


Younger brother of the 6th Viscount.


8th Viscount Strathallan, James Andrew John Laurence Charles Drummond, b.1767, a.1814, d.1851


Grandson of the 4th Viscount and son of William Drummond (b.1724, d.1772) and Anne Nairne (b.?, d.1782). In 1824 he obtained a reversal of the attainder, allowing him legal use of the title.


9th Viscount Strathallan, William Henry Drummond, b.1810, a.1851, d.1886


Son of the 8th Viscount and Lady Amelia Sophia Murray (b.1780, d.1849), daughter of Sir John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl.


10th Viscount Strathallan, James Drummond, b.1839, a.1886, d.1893


Son of the 9th Viscount and Christina Maria Hersey Baird (b.?, d.1867)


11th Viscount Strathallan, William Huntley Drummond, b.1871, a.1893, d.1937


Son of the 10th Viscount and Ellen Thornhill (b.?, d.1873). In 1902 he became 15th Earl of Perth.



Earls of Perth (1604-1605, continued)


15th Earl of Perth, William Huntley Drummond, as above


16th Earl of Perth, James Eric Drummond, b.1876, a.1937, d.1951


Half-brother of the 15th Earl, and son of the 10th Viscount Strathallan and his second wife Margaret Smythe (b.?, d.1920). He was educated at Eton and joined the Foreign Office in 1900, and became the first Secretary-General of the League of Nations from 1919 to 1933, when he became Ambassador to Italy. From 1947 to his death he was deputy leader of the Liberal Party.


17th Earl of Perth, John David Drummond, b.1907, a.1951, d.2002


Son of the 16th Earl and Angela Mary Constable-Maxwell (b.?, d.1877), daughter of Marmaduke Francis Constable-Maxwell, 11th Lord Herries of Terregles (for whom see the earls of Nithsdale). Educated at Trinity College Cambridge, he started in banking before taking various ministerial roles during the Second World War, including helping Noel Coward in the Propaganda Office. He was a partner in Schroders, and was a member of Harold MacMillan’s Government. In 1957 he was appointed as a Privy Counsellor.


18th Earl of Perth, John Drummond, b.1935, a.2002


Son of the 17th Earl and Nancy Seymour Finke (b.?, d.1996). As well as being 18th Earl of Perth, he is also 14th Viscount of Strathallan, 21st Lord Drummond of Cargill, 18th Lord Maderty, 14th Lord Drummond of Cromlix, 18th Lord Drummond of Stobhall and Chief of Clan Drummond.



The courtesy title for the heir is Viscount Strathallan.


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