Earls of Traquair (1633)


1st Earl of Traquair, John Stewart, b.c.1600, a.1633, d.1659


John Stewart was the descendant of several different branches of the Stewart family. His father was of the line of the Stewarts of Traquair, his motherís father was of the Stewarts of Ochiltree, and his motherís mother was of the Stewarts of Methven. Members of the family had been close attendants of royalty for several generations and it was natural for the young John Stewart to enter into the service of the King, firstly as a Privy Counsellor. He was created 1st Lord Stewart of Traquair in Peeblesshire in 1628 and 1st Earl of Traquair and 1st Lord Linton and Caberston in 1633. He was Treasurer-Depute and an Extraordinary Lord of Session from 1630 and Lord High Treasurer of Scotland from 1636. He supported Charles I in his attempts to introduce the Anglican prayer book to Scotland but also advocated an end to the episcopacy. His inconsistency made him suspect on both sides and he was dismissed from office in 1641, and in 1644 declared an enemy of religion. He is also suspected of betraying Montrose to Leslie prior to the Battle of Philiphaugh, though this allowed him to return to Parliament. He was captured at the Battle of Preston in 1648 and released by Cromwell in 1654.


2nd Earl of Traquair, John Stewart, b.1623-1624, a.1659, d.1666


Son of the 1st Earl and Lady Catherine Carnegie (b.?, d.1655), daughter of Sir David Carnegie, 1st Earl of Southesk. Although professing to be a stout Presbyterian, he married in succession two Roman Catholic ladies. He was ex-communicated, fined and imprisoned for going ahead with the first marriage but did not let this deter him from repeating his offence.


3rd Earl of Traquair, William Stewart, b.1657, a.1666, d.1673


Son of the 2nd Earl and Lady Anne Seton (b.1634, d.1685-1686), daughter of George Seton, 3rd Earl of Winton.


4th Earl of Traquair, Charles Stewart, b.c.1659, a.1673, d.1741


Younger brother of the 3rd Earl. He actually became a Roman Catholic, for which he suffered after the Revolution, and was excluded from public office, as were his immediate successors. One of his daughters married William Maxwell, son of William Maxwell, 5th Earl of Nithsdale.


5th Earl of Traquair, Charles Stewart, b.1697, a.1741, d.1764


Son of the 4th Earl and Mary Maxwell (b.?, d.1759), daughter of Robert Maxwell, 4th Earl of Nithsdale.


6th Earl of Traquair, John Stewart, b.1698-1699, a.1764, d.1779


Younger brother of the 5th Earl.


7th Earl of Traquair, Charles Stewart, b.1746, a.1779, d.1827


Son of the 6th Earl and Christian Anstruther (b.?, d.1771).


8th Earl of Traquair, Charles Stewart, b.1781, a.1827, d.1861


Son of the 7th Earl and Mary Ravenscroft (b.?, d.1796). On his death the earldom became extinct or dormant. The estates remained with the 8th Earlís sister Lady Louisa Stewart until her death at the age of 99, though in an increasingly poor state due to reduced family circumstances. When she died, Traquair passed to a member of the Constable-Maxwell family.


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