Earls of Kinnoull (1633)


1st Earl of Kinnoull, George Hay, b.1572, a.1633, d.1634


Descended from the same family as the Hays of Erroll, he studied at the Scots College at Douay where his father taught. On his return in 1596, he obtained the position of Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King James VI and was in attendance during the events of the Gowrie conspiracy, obtaining some of the Gowrie lands that were forfeited. In 1616 he became Lord Clerk Register and a Lord of Session. He was Lord High Chancellor from 1622 to 1634, being created 1st Viscount of Dupplin and 1st Lord Hay of Kinfauns in 1627 and 1st Earl of Kinnoull in 1633, Kinnoull being an area west of Perth that includes Kinfauns.


2nd Earl of Kinnoull, George Hay, b.?, a.1634, d.1644


Son of the 1st Earl and Margaret Haliburton (b.?, d.1633), daughter of Sir James Haliburton of Pitcur. He was Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard from 1632 to 1634, a position equivalent to Deputy Chief Whip in the House of Lords.


3rd Earl of Kinnoull, George Hay, b.?, a.1644, d.1650


Son of the 2nd Earl and Lady Anne Douglas (b.?, d.1667), daughter of William Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton.


4th Earl of Kinnoull, William Hay, b.?, a.1650, d.1677


Younger brother of the 3rd Earl. He was a staunch Royalist and was with Montrose during the ill-fated return to Scotland in 1650 that ended in total defeat at the Battle of Carbisdale. Escaping into the wilds of Assynt with Montrose and others, after three days he was so exhausted that he was left behind without food or shelter and was never found.


5th Earl of Kinnoull, George Hay, b.?, a.1677, d.1687


Son of the 4th Earl and Catherine Cecil (b.?, d.c.1683), daughter of Charles Cecil, Viscount Cranborne.


6th Earl of Kinnoull, William Hay, b.?, a.1687, d.1709


Younger brother of the 5th Earl.


7th Earl of Kinnoull, Thomas Hay, b.?, a.1709, d.1719


With no immediate heir, the title was inherited by a descendant of the 1st Earl’s older brother Peter Hay (b.?, d.1596). He married Margaret Boyd. Their son Francis Hay (?, d.a.1654) married Janet Halyburton. Their son George Hay (b.?, d.1672) married Marion Nicholson (b.?, d.c.1663), and their son Thomas Hay succeeded as 7th Earl. He was re-granted as 1st Viscount of Dupplin in 1697 by King William III and was one of the Commissioners for the Treaty of Union. He was a Representative Peer from 1710 to 1714 but was imprisoned as a suspected Jacobite during the uprising of 1715.


8th Earl of Kinnoull, George Henry Hay, b.1689, a.1719, d.1758


Son of the 7th Earl and Margaret Drummond (b.?, d.1695-1696), daughter of William Drummond, 1st Viscount Strathallan (for whom see the earls of Perth). He was a supporter of his father-in-law, the Earl of Oxford, at Westminster, and was created 1st Baron Hay of Pedwardine in Hereford in the Peerage of Great Britain. He was temporarily imprisoned for his Jacobite sympathies in 1715 but soon released. From 1729 to 1734 he was Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in Constantinople.


9th Earl of Kinnoull, Thomas Hay, b.1710, a.1758, d.1787


Son of the 8th Earl and Abigail Harley (b.?, d.1750), daughter of Sir Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford. He was a Whig MP for Cambridge from 1741 to 1958 and was a Lord of the Treasury and Joint Paymaster of the Forces before becoming Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (minister without portfolio) from 1758 to 1762.


10th Earl of Kinnoull, Robert Auriol Hay-Drummond, b.1751, a.1787, d.1804


Nephew of the 9th Earl and son of the Most Reverend Robert Hay-Drummond (b.1711, d.1776) (latterly Archbishop of York) and Henrietta Auriol (b.?, d.1763). He was Lord Lyon King of Arms from 1796 to 1804 and was created a Privy Counsellor in 1798.


11th Earl of Kinnoull, Thomas Robert Hay-Drummond, b.1785, a.1804, d.1866


Son of the 10th Earl and Sarah Harley (b.?, d.1837), a grand-daughter of Edward Harley, 3rd Earl of Oxford. He followed his father as Lord Lyon King of Arms, holding that position until 1806, and was later Lord-Lieutenant of Perthshire from 1830 until his death.


12th Earl of Kinnoull, George Hay-Drummond, b.1827, a.1866, d.1897


Son of the 11th Earl and Louisa Burton Rowley (b.?, d.1885), daughter of Admiral Sir Charles Rowley, 1st Baronet Rowley of Hill House, Berkshire. He reached the rank of Captain in service of the 1st Life Guards.


13th Earl of Kinnoull, Archibald Fitzroy George Hay, b.1855, a.1897, d.1916


Son of the 12th Earl and Lady Emily Blanche Charlotte Somerset (b.?, d.1895), daughter of Henry Somerset, 7th Duke of Beaufort. He reached the rank of Lieutenant in the Black Watch.


14th Earl of Kinnoull, George Harley Hay, b.1902, a.1916, d.1938


Grandson of the 13th Earl and Josephine Maria Hawke (b.?, d.1900), and son of Edmund Alfred Rollo George Hay, Viscount Dupplin (b.1879, d.1903) and Gladys Luz Bacon (b.?, d.1932).


15th Earl of Kinnoull, Arthur William George Patrick Hay, b.1935, a.1938


Son of the 14th Earl and Mary Ethel Isobel Meyrick (b.?, d.1938). As well as being 15th Earl, he is also 15th Viscount of Dupplin (1633), 9th Viscount of Dupplin (1697), 15th Lord Hay of Kinfauns and 8th Baron Hay of Pedwardine.



The courtesy title for the heir is Viscount Dupplin.


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